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Multiband compressor cubase

I am using trial of Cubase 9 Elements - I see multiband compression being used in I don't think Elements includes the Multiband Compressor. I just installed Cubase 8 Pro (A fresh install). And I can't seem to find the Multiband Compressor. It should be: > Effects -> Dynamics ->. The big daddy of the Cubase dynamics group is the Multiband Compressor, which has been overhauled since Cubase SX. The SX version featured a variable.

I decided to try putting a multiband compressor on a sub mix group (everything except the bass drop) so that when the bass drop hits, the. The Compressor in Cubase Pro is useful. .. and review this as if I would ever intentionally use a multi-band compressor on my own volition. The precision multi-band compressor that runs on Universal Audio's UAD Cubase multi-band in action on various frequencies in a master.

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