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Hugin expert system

Bayesian network software from HUGIN EXPERT takes the guesswork out of decision making. Our software helps clients discover insight and provides them with. build based on the Bayesian networks technology from Hugin Expert, show that The goal is to develop computer systems to solve problems or assist people in . Hugin Expert A/S In this paper, we describe the Hugin Tool as an efficient tool .. itoring system: A case study with two probabilistic inference techniques for.

Interview with Anders L. Madsen, CEO of Hugin Expert — Why Bayes' In addition to my PhD in decision support systems, I hold an MBA from. HUGIN - A Shell for Building Bayesian Belief Universes for Expert Systems. The structure of HUGIN, and the flow through the system from a. the HUGIN shell - for handling a domain model ex- pressed by a causal MUNIN is also used a.s acronym for an expert system for electromyography. ].