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Updated: Latest Nexus One Froyo OTAs Show Up For Both AT&T (Eclair EPE54B ->Froyo FRF85B) And T-Mobile (FRF>FRF85B)! ยท Ian Douglas. /06/ LOL good luck with your Clone mate. A clone of what exactly. All these forums are claiming that all these flytouches and super pads are. Will it do the OTA if I'm using wifi or should I shut that off to have it grabbed through 3g? Is there any difference? I have wifi set to never sleep.

any one can help me to create a rom with original FRF85B ROM with APP2EXT and P recorder. Finally! the wait is over! Google has officially started rolling out the final version of Android Froyo update for the Nexus One users. This OTA. The build number of this version is FRF85B and the size of update is only K. This is the official Android for the Nexus One users.

The new update carries the build number FRF85B. So why another update? According to Android Central, the first Froyo update numbered.