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In the groove simfile

So I've noticed that someone has put up a couple of the ITG games but Years ago when it came out, I had the pack with every simfile %. Simfile General Information. Type, Pad, LET'S GROOVE. BPM, Last Activity, years ago ( pm). Last Updated By, razorblade. 86 Simfiles, Last Update, Single, Double, Pad, Status. B, B, D, E, C, E, B, B, D, E, C, E, MP3, BN, BG. · · Aliens in our Midst (V), years ago, 1 · 4 · 5 · 7 · 9.

Welcome to In The Groove Simfiles Packs (CAUTION: All this pack are property of Here you can download but all the credits are for him. A List of All Major Simfile Packs For StepMania and Other Many on-going simfile pack projects are in our very own FFR . ITG Project Vol. fraxtil's simfiles. i make 4-panel simfiles and compile them into packs. to play these, you'll need StepMania or an In The Groove cabinet with custom songs.

LEAD's Super Sexy Simfiles, 48 MB, 14, Sep KBO 30min to dump a file minipack, 9 MB, 2, Sep Renard's Errows 3, 35 MB, 22, Sep By: StripE 8/15/31/, Expert minus footswitches, More Rems 3/16/16, BNKT, Rems 64/, Okami 8/**, BNKT 15*/14*, Okami.